Beluga Hochtief WTIV

2/9/2010 12:00 AM

Friede & Goldman has entered into contract withBELUGA HOCHTIEF Offshore (Germany) and theirBasic Design Consortium on February 9th, 2010 forthe joint development and speciailized basic designof the leg and jacking system components of a windturbine installation vessel. The vessel shall be thelargest and most specialized which has ever been built.It is intended for use in the harsh environment of theNorth Sea but will be able to operate in nearly anylocation worldwide.

This is a momentous occasion for Friede & Goldman as it furthersour advancement in the exciting field of offshore renewable energy.This market segment has potential for increased growth as morespecialized vessels are needed to help construct new offshore windfarms all over the world. Friede & Goldman’s proven technology willensure that these vessels will be able to withstand the increased demandrequired of them.

For more information on BELUGA HOCHTIEF,please visit their website.

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