During the mid to late 1990s, Friede & Goldman, Ltd. engineers recognized the focus on marginal field development was becoming an industry priority. The development of such discoveries would depend greatly on F&G’s ability to develop new and better technology that combined cost-effective field development with innovative solutions. To achieve this goal, F&G developed and designed the Floating Production Facility called the Centurion MVP.

The primary goal of the new F&G FPF design was to keep new-build construction costs and operating costs to a minimum without sacrificing functionality, flexibility, or design life.

The Centurion was designed with most of the machinery and equipment located above deck so that the costs and time for construction would be significantly reduced. In addition, the modular production facilities can be installed and pre-commissioned alongside the construction pier. F&G’s superior knowledge of fabrication gave them the ability to create hull designs with the most efficient construction and minimal costs.

In an effort to maintain F&G’s hallmark design feature of flexibility, provisions have been included to facilitate the future addition of production modules and risers to meet specific needs of future fields. The Centurion was designed for ease of movement to different locations, but also has the ability to remain at an operating site for 20 years without dry-docking.


The Friede & Goldman, Ltd. Centurion MVP-3 Floating Production Facility (FPF) is an ideal vessel for marginal fields in water depths of 1,000 to 6,000 feet (300 to 1800 meters) and can handle up to 300 million SCFD of gas or up to 40,000 BOPD of oil.

Allowable Deck Loads 3,000 short tons
Operating Water Depth 300 to 1,830 m
Poduction System 300 Million SFCD of gas or 40,000 BOPD of oil or a blend of oil & gas
Quarters Capacity 12 to 32 man
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The SPSO combines the best aspects of a gravity platform: a pile supported structure, a fixed platform, underwater storage, and simple offloading of crude to a shuttle tanker. This provides great flexibility at minimal costs and makes it possible to relocate the SPSO to other fields after the first field has been depleted.
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