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Building upon innovative spirit and experience, F&G has maintained its place as an engineering leader throughout Oil's dynamic evolution. Each new generation of Friede & Goldman Ltd.’s drilling units was designed based upon the lessons learned from the operation of earlier units.

The small cooperation that began 65 years ago between Vladimir M. Friede and Jerome L. Goldman is, today, a thriving company of over 50 employees. More than 100 mobile offshore drilling and production units have been built according to F&G designs for operation around the world. Currently, there are 30 units under construction in shipyards that span the globe, from Singapore, India & China in the East, to Mexico and throughout the Middle East. The long and productive lives of these structures bear witness to F&G's commitment to quality.

2003 - 2005

2003 JU-2000A

2003 JU-2000A | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The F&G JU-2000A is a self-elevating drilling unit designed for all-year, Central North Sea, harsh- environment operation in 300 feet of water for the 50-year-return environmental conditions in accordance with classification society assessment criteria.

2004 JU-2000E

2004 JU-2000E | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The F&G JU-2000E is a self-elevating drilling unit designed for all-year, Central North Sea, harsh-environment operation in approximately 350 feet of water. Greater operating water depths of up to 400 feet are possible with the installation of additional pinions, increased hull size, and extended leg length.

2005 SUPER M2

2005 Super M2 | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The F&G Super M2 is a self-elevating drilling unit designed for all-year benign conditions in accordance with ABS assessment criteria in up to 300 feet of water.

Late 1990's - 2002


1990's-2000 Centurion MVP | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The Friede & Goldman, Ltd. “Centurion” Floating Production Facility (FPF) is custom designed for marginal fields located for the development of oil or gas fields in deep water. The Centurion can operate in water depths of 6,000 to 10,000 feet.


2001 Universal M Class | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The Universal M Class is a self-elevating drilling unit for all-year, North Sea, harsh-environment operation in 400 feet of water. In less challenging environments, the unit can work in up to 430 feet of water with its leg length of 560 feet and normal jacking system of 54 pinions.

2002 SPSO

2002 SPSO | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The SPSO combines the best aspects of a gravity platform, underwater storage, and simple offloading of crude to a shuttle tanker. This provides great flexibility at minimal costs, and makes it possible to relocate the SPSO to other fields after the first field has been depleted.

1980 - Late 1990's

1980'S PENROD 78

1980's Penrod 78 | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

As the desire for larger and more demanding drilling units was developing, F&G designed a new semi for longer period waves and deeper water. The "Penrod 78," completed in 1983, is the culmination of those efforts.


1990's Trendsetter | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The Friede & Goldman, Ltd. Trendsetter Semi-Submersible Drilling Vessel is a low-motion, high deck load unit specifically designed for year-round operation in water depths of 1525 to 2290 meters in the Gulf of Mexico.

LATE 1990'S-2000 ExD

Late 1990's-2000 ExD | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The ExD is a dynamically positioned, twin-hulled, column-stabilized drilling unit, which is designed for 10,000 feet water depths in benign environments such as the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, and Brazil.

1950 - 1970


1950's Leonard Glade | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

Friede & Goldman, Ltd.’s early era drilling units like the Leonard Glade provided mobility not previously available with fixed platforms.

1960'S SEDCO-135

1960's SEDCO 135 | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The first caisson-stabilized unit to be designed for the dual purpose of drilling on the bottom in water depths to 135 feet and drilling in a semi-submerged position in water depths to 600 feet.


1970's Pacesetter | Freide and Goldman Ltd.

The worldwide success of Friede & Goldman, Ltd. has been most pronounced since the early 1970's when the first of the "Pacesetter" class of semi-submersible drilling units were delivered.

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